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Welcome to the Yellowjackets Jazz Quartet official Website featuring a discography, biographies, Yellowjacket news, the BUZZ forum discussions, latest itinerary, and a catalog of "Jacketized" merchandise in the Buzz Store!

A Rise In the Road by Yellowjackets

Debuting at #1 on the Itunes Jazz Chart!

Produced by Ferrante, Mintzer and Kennedy, A Rise In The Road stands shoulder-to-shoulder with Yellowjacket's 21 previous efforts.
“It’s about the challenges that people face in their lives and whatever path they are on: It’s not always smooth sailing, it’s not always a level road,” explains Ferrante, with regards to the project’s meaning. “Certainly, over the 32 years that we’ve been a band, we’ve had things come up, challenges such as musicians that have left the band, business people, relationships that you have built over the years. Things come to an end, and you have to meet the challenge and keep going forward.”

Order your Autographed Copy HERE

Click HERE to see the EPK of Yellowjacket's "Rise in the Road"

The Yellowjackets IPHONE APP is now LIVE in the Apple App Store!! Search for Yellowjackets, or Jacket Town and download the APP for FREE on your Iphone, or follow the attached link to download to your Itunes.

You can view the itinerary and buy tickets to shows, listen to or download tunes from Itunes, checkout our official YouTube Station, pick up a CD from the Buzz Store that is out of print, or post to a special news feed. Check out the discography for in depth information about each album. Super Fan @Walter Little is our hero for setting this up , and special thanks to @Rodney Daughtry for turning us on to Mobile Roadie software.

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The Yellowjackets FAN SITE is administered entirely by some very talented Yellowjackets Fans: Cor, Gert, Giorgio, and Dick.

It has lots of additional information, downloads, photos, interviews, and a very cool screensaver that we couldn't resist for our own Buzz Promotions computer! Check it out!

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